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The following are some definitive examples of my accomplishments as denoted on my Resume’:

• Cost Savings: I have an extensive body of work that reflects numerous success stories as relates to negotiating Cost Savings and / or putting systems in place that have a positive impact to the company’s bottom line.

• Independent Consulting Engagement for an Investment Bank: The nine month independent consulting engagement that I took on to organize and digitize the operation of the Excel Bank on Park Avenue in New York City called on my creative and innovative qualities as I previously did not have any banking or finance experience. I was able to produce electronic manuals, job descriptions, interactive organization charts, and workflow diagrams for the eight departments of the bank through the use of MS Word and Visio. The entire nine month body of work was delivered to the bank on one interactive CD. 

• Developed a new Product Line: At Smiths Industries, I developed several re-certified product lines, a job that was totally outside of my responsibilities and one which had never been attempted before. The all-important bottom line of this effort was that I was able to net over $1.3 million in profits over a two year period.

• E-Catalog: It was also while working at Smiths Industries that I was chosen to be part of the initial E-Catalog effort which was a marketing technique that was in its’ infancy at the time.

• Project Manager Corporate eProcurement System: While working for Grumman Data Systems I was selected to be the Project Manager for integrating the Oracle based Corporate eProcurement System into my division. This turned out to be a very challenging and rewarding experience for me in the realm of IT. I was able to effect a seamless transition onto the new system and train all of the procurement personnel both in headquarters and at our numerous site offices.

• Invented Specialized Tooling: At Fairchild Republic I invented a tool that was used on the aircraft both during initial aircraft production and out in the field for which I received an outstanding achievement award. This tool enabled the factory and the end users out in the field to save numerous man hours during the production and maintenance of the USAF A-10 (Warthog) aircraft. The A-10 is still in the USAF active inventory and is currently serving to protect our troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

• Authored and Published a Book: I had trouble with an automobile that turned out to be a lemon, could not find a book to guide me along, so I documented my successful case and authored the book entitled “LemonAid!” which was endorsed by consumer advocate Ralph Nader.

• General: My engineering / business background, in conjunction with my excellent negotiation skills, enables me to formulate and execute creative and innovative ways of reducing cycle times and achieve both hard and soft cost savings.